Busy, busy, busy…

We have been doing lots since our last post. Shooting, designing albums and cards, finalizing new products, booking weddings and even some traveling. Because our schedule is keeping us on our toes, it is now my job (Jon’s job) to nurture the blog and keep everyone up-to-date. We also have been pumping out some exciting design work for Adrian Design www.adriandesign.ca which I will include in a post shortly. In the meantime enjoy a wedding we shot this Fall for Allison+Rob. They were a great example of how to add colour into your wedding attire. We loved the bridesmaid dresses! Very Nice!

Jenna - December 1, 2008 - 1:27 PM

oohhh, I LOVE the slideshow! What a beautiful event! All of the photos are so vibrant and creative. You guys have keen eyes!