The Wedding Café

Don’t you love when things fall in to place. It was the Spring of 2008 and we were showing up to meet future design clients that were opening up a café in Kelowna. Little did we know the mother/daughter team, Barb and Jenn were starting up a café focusing on the wedding industry. It was one of those moments when Jenny and I were thinking, no way, this is brilliant. Soon the naming and visual identity of the café took shape and then the perfect location to setup shop came available.

The Wedding Café has now gained momentum, so whether you are looking for a place to plan your wedding, grab something eat, or advertise your wedding services, stop by the café and let Barb or Jenn know how amazing their café is.

Also, you can check out Adrian Wedding Photography at The Wedding Café‘s free seminar on Wednesday, March 31st at 6:30pm. We will be showing off our work and products and answering any questions you might have about weddings and photography. If you are interested in attending let Barb or Jenn know or visit for more information.

Jenna - March 23, 2010 - 6:37 PM

This seminar sounds great. I hope you have a good turnout.
I want to see the cafe when we visit you in a few months!