Okanagan Child Magazine – Winter 2010

Just a few shots from the mini session with Kieron for the 2010 winter cover of Okanagan Child Magazine. You can pick up your free copy on news stands now. The second two images crack me up. You see Kieron’s older brother was jealous he wasn’t getting a lollipop so he kept peeking his head into the shot so he too could get one for doing such a great job. Kieron looks less than impressed as his older brother is trying to steal the spotlight. What a fun picture though.

There’s also some fun shots of Janelle and little Peyton. Janelle is the current featured parent in this winters 2010 issue of Okanagan Child Magazine. Although it took Peyton a few minutes to warm up to the camera (every time I went to take a picture she would scream!) she warmed up nicely and was super fun to photograph. Don’t you just love the coat!

Jenna - December 4, 2010 - 7:20 AM

Fun shots! And yes, those coats are adorable!