The Proposal – Part 1

It has been a crazy couple of months but we have loved all the amazing people we have had the privilege of photographing. A cool project we have been a part of is for an upcoming television show on Shaw TV called The Proposal that will air this fall across Canada. As the title suggests, it’s about popping the question. We were there to photograph the show and to capture all the fun and excitement that was going on. Enjoy a sneak peek of the first proposal we were a part of.

Sarah, one of the hosts of the show getting soaked with water.

Kyle from Pro-Wake

Aubrey the other host extremely excited for the proposal.

Courtney from C-Star Events.

Yuriko from Vintage Origami 

Thanks to Classic Creations for all the florals.

Morochita - December 19, 2015 - 1:11 AM

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